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Friday, 15 July 2016

Boris Johnson, Nice and the situation in the world...

Yesterday, France was shocked by yet another sickening terrorist attack. This time the sunny, Mediterranean city of Nice witnessed a giant massacre, when a rogue truck driver ploughed his way through a crowded boulevard on the 14th of July – the French national remembrance day – trying to hit and kill as many people as possible.

By doing so, the alleged terrorist (or psychopath) killed 84 men, women and children and dangerously wounded many, many more. Words fail to express my distress and anger about yet another bloody attack against innocent civilians by yet another lunatic with a grand vision of getting even with, whatever...

... and the fresh Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Theresa May, decided a few days earlier that the former mayor of London, Boris Johnson,  was the best man to become Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs in the UK.

The situation in Eastern Europe is getting out of hand, as the Russian Federation and the NATO seem on a collision course, in the aftermath of the occupation of Crimea by the Russian army and the subsequent civil war in the Donbass region of Ukraine.

Hawks in the governments of the Baltic States, Ukraine and Poland urge the NATO to expand its presence in their countries and the NATO itself sees this as a golden opportunity to regain power and influence, as well as a new raison d’etre, as the latter had vanished at the end of the Cold War. The tone of voice of the NATO against Russia is increasingly loud and shrill and its siren’s call for new member states is luring countries like Georgia and Ukraine.

The European Union is maintaining their economic boycotts against Russia and the cry within the Union to establish a pan-European army sounds louder and louder. And both the EU and the NATO seem ‘birds of a feather, who flock together’ to the eyes of the common Russian.

The Russian Federation itself, represented by its power-hungry, corrupted and blunt, mucho-macho President Vladimir Putin, feels threatened by the increasing presence of the NATO in its backyard. In return the country is uttering hardly covered threats to the Eastern European countries and the West in general.

The whole situation in Eastern Europe is like a leaking powder keg in an arsenal, of which all parties hope that nobody lights the fuse by accident...

... but Theresa May couldn’t find a more capable man for the sensitive Foreign Affairs portfolio than the former journalist of the Daily Telegraph, Boris Johnson... A man, who has been making up stories about the EU and about the way the EU operated in Brussels; out of sheer calculation and hunger for money and success. That all these stories where blatant lies and ruined the image of the EU in his home country, Boris Johnson did not care about at all.

The presidential campaign for the successor of the moderately successful and not very strong president Barack Obama in the United States of America, is fought between:
  • a lady with a serious security problem and a legacy of too many “dead bodies” floating around everywhere, coming from her earlier political career as Foreign Minister and First Lady. A lady, who is quite capable at her job, but not loved and trusted anymore...
  • and a Gung Ho business man of questionable repute with a loud mouth, crazy ideas and a lot of bad jokes. A man, who seems to be the poor man’s hero, unless these poor men are either of Mexican or Arab descent or belong to other minority groups. And a man who is at best(!) not very respectful towards women.

Both presidential candidates have an awkward past and many political enemies inside, as well as political adversaries outside their countries; in Congress, but also in the Arab world, the Far East and the Russian Federation. Both candidates need to walk on eggs in the future, but might eventually not possess the capabilities for doing that.

Their closest ally and that of their country – the UK – could help them a lot in the process by finding the best and most capable Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. A man who could revive the special relation between the United States and the United Kingdom...

... and fortunately, PM Theresa May managed to bind the former conservative MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip, Boris Johnson: the man who was extremely successful in leading its country to the exit of the EU with his Brexit campaign. And also the man, who subsequently ran like hell when he was caught with his (political) ‘pants hanging below his knees’, as he finally understood what the consequences of his actions were.

Theresa May chose a man with a past as a blatantly lying journalist and a cowardlike stance after the Brexit. A man, who was probably not the worst mayor of London in history and perhaps even a quite good one, but nevertheless...

Does ‘the new Margaret Thatcher’ of the United Kingdom, PM Theresa May, really think that Boris Johnson will stand his ground in the presence of Russian president Vladimir Putin or his henchman, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov?

Or when he visits Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the power-hungry and designated president-for-life of Turkey? The man whose country is indispensable for the NATO, but who has his own hidden agenda to follow? An agenda that might damage or even endanger the Western interests?!

Or in the presence of Chinese president Xi Jinping, perhaps, who is willing to defend his newly occupied islands in the South Chinese Sea with brutal force against the Philippines, Vietnam and perhaps even the United States?!

And does ‘Iron Maggie 2.0’ think that the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the 27 EU countries are trusting Boris Johnson in situations, where the EU and the UK need to stand shoulder-to-shoulder and defend their commonly shared interests?! The man who pushed EU member the United Kingdom into the Brexit, before crying for his mother and subsequently playing political hide-and-seek?!

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going” is the tendency of this popular expression.

Well, the terrible events in Nice showed that the going is getting extremely tough at this moment...

... and Theresa May, in a massive response to the chaotic events after the Brexit referendum, made Boris Johnson the new Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. 

The tough are perhaps going indeed..., but definitely not in the United Kingdom.

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