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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Just a very good functional acceptance tester, test coordinator, scrum coach and devil’s advocate

My name is Ernst Labruyère. I am 48 years old and I work at The Future Group in The Netherlands, within the partnership TestDynamics.

Briefly summarized, I am a very good functional acceptance tester and an all-round professional, with experience in test coordination and scrum, but also with ample experience from “the trenches”; not just a desk jockey, but a real tester with genuine hands-on experience!

I have many years of experience in the financial and insurance industry, at leading companies like ING Bank, ASR Insurances, ABN Amro, VGZ Healthcare, Stater – mortgage services – and International Card Services (credit cards) in The Netherlands. Besides that, I have a few years of experience in both the telecom industry – at Tele2 The Netherlands – and the automotive industry, at the Dutch Scania dealer organization.

I have a thorough knowledge of economics and know how to handle financial calculations. This enables me to scrupulously check the output of all kinds of financial systems and thus estimate their reliability and credibility. I don’t hesitate to play the devil’s advocate and counter the common opinion, when I feel that this is in the interest of the ICT system or the company.

During my long stints at ING Domestic Banking and Commercial Banking, I have learned to work according to the Agile/ Scrum / DevOps methodology and my last two assignments at ING were as Scrum Master / Scrum Coach. I am a certified Scrum Master and currently I am involved in a Scaled Agile Framework training, in which I learn how to apply Agile / Scrum at an enterprise level.

My extensive experience and positive-critical look at things enables me to be a natural coach for colleagues and teams, who need support and/or a critical glance at their activities.

One of my strong points is my knowledge of languages, as I have excellent knowledge of English, Dutch and German in speech and writing. And perhaps my strongest point is my adaptability and eagerness to learn, which enables me to quickly find my way in all kinds of organizations.

My motto is: it is not bad to not know everything, as long as one is able to learn it quickly. That the latter is applicable to me, I have hopefully proven in the past at the assignments that I had.

The reason for writing this article, is that I am looking for a new assignment. My last assignment – as a Scrum Coach at the department Cash Devices of ING Bank – was terminated unexpectedly, for budgetary reasons.  Therefore I am looking for a new assignment as test coordinator, functional acceptance tester or Scrum Master / Scrum Coach.

The principals for which I am looking, are companies in the financial industry, the insurance industry or the telecom industry: companies, which want to carry through or improve their test strategy. Or companies that need a few extra hands for their functional acceptance test, regression test or Scrum DevOps activities. 

I would love to become a member of their testing teams or Scrum teams and support them in making their test department and testing activities more efficient and effective. In exchange I can offer them my thorough, as well as broad knowledge and experience.

I live in Almere, but I own a car. This enables me to accept assignments in a radius of 75 km from my domicile. Even when your company is slightly farther away from Almere, I am certain we can work something out.

When you are interested and wonder how my knowledge and experience could make a difference in your organization, please refer to my resumee, via You could also invite me for an informal acquaintance and a good conversation, during a cup of coffee. You will probably not regret this. 

Ernst Labruyère

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