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Friday, 6 December 2013

In loving memory of ‘Madiba’: Nelson Mandela

Yesterday evening, at 22.30 CET, a very special someone died and the world lost a great soul:

Someone, who could have given up after 27 years imprisonment, but instead decided to rise up and fight.

Someone, who could have been saturated by hate, but instead decided to forgive and embrace his archenemies.

Someone, who could have plunged an utterly divided country into a bloody civil war, but instead tried to bring all parties together for peaceful cohabitation.

Someone, who started as a ‘terrorist’ in the eyes of his government, but in the end reached out to everybody’s heart and soul.

Someone, who dared to be small among great people and great among small people, but never lost who he was in reality.

Someone, who could be mean when he had to, but friendly and soft when he could.

Someone, who brought dignity back to the profession of politician, where other politicians squandered theirs. 

Someone, who was not great out of divinity, but great out of humanity.

Someone, who won’t be forgotten by anybody, who saw him, heard him and felt him in his heart.

I truly hope that his spirit will live on in South Africa: among his family, as well as his countrymen. His country needs his peaceful spirit more than ever.

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