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Friday, 13 July 2012

Discussion between a Spaniard and a Fin: a very PIGGY tale

Juan Gonzales: Help! I am drowning! Please help me!

Mika Nykanen: No, I don’t want to!

Juan Gonzales: But don’t you see that I’m drowning?! And I need help?

 Mika Nykanen: Yes, I see.

Juan Gonzales: But why don’t you help me then.

Mika Nykanen: Because rescuing you will cost me money

Juan Gonzales: But I will pay it back to you, as soon as I’m save!

Mika Nykanen: I don’t believe you

Juan Gonzales: Please throw me a lifebuoy and a life-jacket. Otherwise I won’t survive.

Mika Nykanen: As soon as I throw those, I don’t have them anymore. And you will definitely not give them back. I know you people. It is your own fault that you are drowning! You wanted to swim, in spite of the rough sea. Now you want me to rescue you, although I warned you in advance.

Juan Gonzales: I know, I am sorry for being so stupid. But hey, I am drowning. Please throw me the buoy and the life-jacket! PLEASE!

Mika Nykanen: No! As soon as I have thrown them, you won’t give them back anymore.

Juan Gonzales: PLEASE!

 Mika Nykanen: OK, I will throw them…  but only if you pay me in advance.

Juan Gonzales: How can I pay them. I am DROWNING NOW, YOU FOOL!

Mika Nykanen: You give me your gold watch as collateral. I give you the life-jacket and the lifebuoy.

Juan Gonzales: OK, here’s the watch. Please give me the buoy and the jacket now.

Mika Nykanen: The watch was for the life-jacket alone. Now I want the wedding ring as collateral for the lifebuoy.

Juan Gonzales: [sounds of a drowning person…]

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  1. Spain's king, to be honest is not one of those down-to-earth, frugal living person. Even saw a picture of him hunting elephants in Africa! If Spain drowns because of debt, leave them be because it's their government's own doing.

    Barry Trujillo