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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Vodafone already blocks the possibility for their customers to use VOIP and SMSoIP services

In my post of yesterday describing KPN, I mentioned that KPN was planning to block SMS and internet services for their mobile internet customers:

Yesterday afternoon, it became clear in which way KPN wants to compensate the losses it makes as a result of the social networks: the company wants to charge extra costs for the usage of social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype and Ping on their mobile internet subscriptions. It does this by putting access to the social networks in a special mobile portfolio.
Today proves once more that stinginess, stupidity and customer-unfriendliness are ubiquitous: Vodafone is already blocking VOIP and SMSoIP services. According to their conditions (translated to English by me):
With this subscription you can´t use VoIP en SMSoIP-services. Usage in combination with PC or Laptop and excessive usage of audio and videostreaming are also not allowed. If you want to make usage of VoIP services, then is that only possible from the `Calling + SMS + Web 275 subscription´ and higher with ´Internet Calling Blox`. 
It will be a good thing when other, more customer-friendly alternatives arise among the smartphone providers. Then we can show KPN and Vodafone the sole of our boots and kick them out.

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