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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Dutch elections for the Second Chamber of Parliament: Ernst’s ‘voting advice’ for everybody that has the right to vote for a new Dutch parliament

Dear Dutch and other readers,

Tomorrow, elections will be held in The Netherlands. These elections are extremely important, as The Netherlands is a country in crisis and a country that needs a stable, fair,  intelligent and vigorous government.

  • A government that doesn’t kick the can down the road concerning the big issues that have to be solved in The Netherlands in the coming years. 
  • A government that doesn’t scare away from tough and impopular decisions, just because they are tough and impopular and thus might cost votes during the next elections.
  • A government that is a government for every citizen of The Netherlands and not for a small group.
  • A government that sees the paramount importance of the European Union for the Dutch economy and gives Europe and the Euro the attention it deserves.
  • A government that endorses cooperation, good neighborship and friendship in Europe, instead of looking at Europe as a jackpot machine that should return more money than invested.
  • A government that doesn’t throw money in financial black holes, but doesn’t use the PIIGS-countries as an odious example to be tough on economics and the budget deficit.
That is the kind of government that we need in The Netherlands

Everybody, please vote wisely with your brain, but also with your heart. I cannot advice you in this, except for the following guidelines. Please remember:  
  • Which party opted for cooperation with the PVV of Geert Wilders, in spite of its blunt communication, its dictatorial party structure and blind obedience of its MP’s and the way that whole groups of Dutch citizens are exposed ‘as second rate’ people with less rights than other Dutch citizens;
  • Which party didn’t offer any kind of excuses after the PVV experiment had crashed and burned this spring and, to put it stronger, even seemed willing to start the same experiment all over again when that’s politically opportune;
  • Which party delivered the Prime Minister that damaged the Dutch reputation in and outside Europe and the European Union, due to his blunt and counter-productive approach of international issues;
  • Which party seems to think that pampering rich homeowners with an excess mortgage is more important than good education and healthcare;
  • Which party keeps therefore endorsing the failed system of Mortgage Interest Deductability until eternity, in spite of The Netherlands having one of the highest mortgage debt rates in the world and a housing bubble of epic proportions;
  • Which party had as only visible success from their stint in the government the increase of the maximum speed by 10 kph;
  • Which party still seems clueless about rising unemployment, especially among youngsters and crashing consumer confidence in The Netherlands;
  • Which party promises all working people in The Netherlands a ridiculous tax reduction, while at the same time being forced to take about €20 bln in additional austerity measures in order to meet the 3% budget deficit threshold from the Stability and Growth;
  • Which party uses massive billboards, just to produce empty slogans and platitudes, instead of telling a fair story;
If you know the answer to these questions and agree with my opinion, you know exactly what party you should ignore in the elections. But don’t take my word for it, please think for yourself with your own mind and conscience

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