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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Help me please to make better!!

Dearest reader,

I am Ernst Labruyère, a Dutch business analyst and testing consultant  that has a longterm assignment at the largest bank in The Netherlands: ING Bank. I live in Almere, in the Amsterdam area, together with my wife Olga and my three children.

The excellent economic blogs I started to read in 2008, like and, learned me a lot about the economic environment I was working in and they were a big inspiration for me. Although I had a background in economics, a new world opened for me when the credit crisis started in 2008:  Alt- A mortgages, Credit Default Swaps, Special Investment Vehicles. I noticed that the information from the `official`  newspapers left a lot to be desired. Their news was mainstream, lacked often proper investigation and followed the paths downtrodden and stereotypical opinions of government officials and pundits.

What a difference it was to discover Minyanville and Mish´s Global Economic Trend Analysis. Sharp, sometimes polarizing opinions and graphs and tables that gave real information and analysis. Also they gave me explanations of the mysterious new abbreviations and ‘Alphabet Soup’ of American and European Government Support programs. I was hooked.

In 2009 I wrote a reaction to an article on Minyanville and - to my pleasant surprise -  my reaction was posted on Minyanville. The same happened with the next two articles I wrote. After that a number of articles were rejected, but that didn´t matter: I knew what I wanted to do.

Nevertheless it took me almost two years to take the next step. About one month ago I founded because I had a dream: I wanted to make one of the best Dutch, English-spoken blogs on the internet. Not too technical, but with good, useful information on the Dutch economy and politics and far abroad.

My interest areas are:
·         the Dutch economy
·         The European economy
·         The Euro and the Eurozone
·         The American economy
·         Politics: anywhere and everywhere.

But now, one month later, I have a request for you, my dear readers. Because you are the reason that my blog – any blog – exists.

Please let me know how I can make a better blog:
-          More interesting
-          With better, more topical content
-          Written in a better style
-          And with better English language, as I am natively Dutch-speaking

Your help is so much appreciated.

Please write your letters and comments to I promise you that you will receive an answer.

Tell me:
-          What you like about this blog
-          What you don´t like about it
-          What you want to be improved
-          What you want to get rid off
-          What the subjects are you (don´t) want to hear about.

Because without your help this blog might not become the blog I want it to be.

Thank you for your time and your kindness.

Kindest regards,

Ernst Labruyère

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